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Buy diecast model cars, NASCAR, military planes and jet aircraft, on-line in New Zealand.

Jets, planes, aeroplanes, airplanes, or aircraft, whatever you call them we currently have a variety of quality Diecast Model Jet Aircraft and Propellor Aircraft for sale. We also offer limited numbers of accurately detailed NASCAR Model Race Cars as well as interesting die cast Classic and Performance Cars.

     F-104 Starfighter    P-38J Lightning WW2 Fighter    Scott Riggs 2006 Dodge Charger NASCAR    1968 L-88 Chev Corvette

Our die cast models are for aviation enthusiasts, motorheads, and anyone looking for awesome scale models. Our range provides for very good quality, great value, through to very high quality and fine detail finish.


The die cast aircraft feature a range of mainly military planes (propellor driven) and jets (jet airplanes) that hold historical value, and/or, that are just "plane" interesting!!

Cars and other motor vehicless

Our range of die cast model cars cover NASCAR, muscle cars, motosports, classic cars, and numerous other vehicles.  Hopefully including those you admire, those you grew up with, or, maybe one of those you have tucked away in the car shed.  Keep checking back as our offerings will be regularly updated.

Happy collecting

Have a look at our Galleries pages for examples of the diecast model planes, cars, and motor vehicles we stock. Head to our Shopping pages to see what high quality models are currently in stock, or, to make a purchase.

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