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Where we're at and where we're headed:  We are collectors, modellers, and hobbyists.  Awesome Collectables aim to offer high quality metal diecast aircraft and automobile scale models, ranging from awesome value affordable items through to high-end limited edition works of art (when we can secure them).  All our offerings are superb quality and value.  See our Galleries pages for examples or our Shopping page for current availability.

We like to keep things simple and of a high standard, so our website aims to be basic but informative.  Our initial objective is to make our products available with minimum fuss so enthusiasts such as yourself can enjoy what we have to offer. 

Tell us what you think:  We welcome all customer feedback, so Contact Us and let us know what you think about our site and/or products and we'll work on improving things where we can. We will regularly update and fine-tune our offerings and site content, especially where you feel improvement is needed.

Looking for something in particular:  Our offerings will change from time to time, depending on demand and what we can get our hands on.  Typically our model scales will be 1/72nd (1:72), 1/24th (1:24), and 1/18th (1:18), but, exceptional pieces in other scales are also likely to feature.  If there's something in particular you are after Contact Us and we will do our best to find it for you. If we get regular requests for non-stock items we will also consider extending our range.

Our Approach: Some of our range will be regular offerings where we have an established supply chain providing current models. In other cases limited supply only will be available, and we will offer for sale those items that we have been able to secure.


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