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1/72 P-51D Mustang Stinky
1/72 P-51D Mustang Stinky

North American P-51D Mustang

American long-range fighter, considered by many as the finest fighter of World War II. First saw service with the RAF, and was used in large quantities by the US Army Air Forces (USAAF). Renowned for speed and agility, the Mustang was highly durable and armed with six .50 calibre/12.7 mm M2 Browning machine guns. Stinky was flown by Lt. Joseph “shoot anything that moves” Mejaski of the 369th Fighter Squadron, 359th Fighter Group.

The Mustang was used as a fighter-bomber, a reconnaissance aircraft, and to escort bomber runs deep into Germany. The P-51 served in Europe and the Pacific in WW II, and also began the Korean War as the United Nations main fighter. Its attack role changed with the advent of jet aircraft, but, it remained in service with some air forces until the early 1980s.

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