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1/72 A6M3 Zero Rabaul Flying Group
1/72 A6M3 Zero Rabaul Flying Group

Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero

Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service (IJNAS) light-weight carrier-based fighter. A6M's saw action in every naval engagement in the Pacific war and also as land-based fighters, escorts for Kamikaze (suicide) planes, and as Kamikaze planes. The Allied code name was Zeke, but, it was universally known as Zero from its Japanese Navy designation, Type 0 Carrier Fighter (from the Imperial year 2600 [1940]). More Zeros were built than any other Japanese aircraft in WW II.

Its tight turning radius, tremendous speed, and very long range meant the Zero could outmanoeuvre and out run any Allied fighter early in WW II. With its outstanding kill ratio of 12 to 1, it gained a fearsome reputation as a "dogfighter" and the best carrier-based fighter in the world.

Armament: 2 x 7.7mm machine guns and 2 x 20mm cannons.

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