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Witty Wings Sky Guardians produce a wide range of  1/72nd (1:72 scale) diecast model aircraft. Awesome Collectables do not hold the entire range in stock, but, can order current models on request.

(N.B. the production run of a number of Sky Guardians models has ended, while others are produced on a limited basis only. Such models are no longer considered "current" therefore may no longer be available.)

The Witty Wings Sky Guardians 1/72nd diecast range includes the following aircraft, in various liveries.

Jet Aircraft: A7 Corsair II; F-104 Starfighter; F-14 Tomcat; F-15 Eagle; F-16 Fighting Falcon; F-18 Hornet; F-18 Super Hornet; MiG-29 Fulcrum; SU-27 Flanker; Tornado (Sky Guardians Europe). 

Propellor Aircraft: BF-109G; Sea Fury FB11; Sea Fury T.20; FW-190; P-38 Lightning; P-51D Mustang; Spitfire; Spitfire Mk V; Zero M2; Zero M3; Zero M5; Fairey Gannet (Sky Guardians Europe). 

See our Galleries pages for photos of actual models.

Posted: Wed 01 Dec 2010