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1/72 Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk. II RN
1/72 Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk. II RN

Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk. 11

Carrier based fighter-bomber. Arguably the fastest piston-engined aircraft ever built, with top speed of around 485 mph, its design was heavily influenced by the Focke-Wulf Fw190A. Developed during World War II, prototype deck landing trials were still underway when Japan surrendered in 1945. Post-WWII RN Sea Furies operated from carriers and served throughout the Korean War in ground-attack roles. D-Day-like markings helped friendly force recognition.

In 1952 a RN Sea Fury, downed a MiG-15 jet in air-to-air combat (a rare case of a propeller-driven aircraft shooting down a jet fighter). They were the last propeller-driven fighters to serve with the RN and remained its principal single-seat fighter until the Sea Hawk jet fighter was introduced in 1953. Armament consisted of Four 20mm cannon, 2,000lb of bombs or twelve 3-inch rocket projectiles.

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