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1/72 F-15 USAF Edwards Test Center
1/72 F-15 USAF Edwards Test Center

McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15C Eagle

Twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter designed to provide air combat superiority through manoeuvrability, acceleration, range, weapons and avionics. Wing area to weight ratio (wing-loading) and high thrust-to-weight ratio allows tight turns without losing airspeed.

The F-15's systems and weaponry allow a single pilot to safely and effectively detect, acquire, track and engage enemy aircraft whether in friendly or enemy airspace. The ID ‘friend or foe’ system identifies it as 'friendly' and informs the pilot if a detected aircraft is a 'foe'.

Its heads-up display (HUD) projects all essential flight information on the windscreen, so the pilot can track/destroy targets without having to look down at cockpit instruments. Visual guidance automatically appears on the HUD when changing from one weapon system to another.

The F-15's pulse-Doppler radar can look up at high-flying targets and down at low-flying targets without being confused by ground clutter. For close-in dog fights, the radar automatically acquires enemy aircraft and projects the information on the HUD.

Edwards Air Force Base: Home of the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) which researches, develops, tests, and evaluates aerospace systems from conception to combat use. The AFFTC has played a vital role in virtually every USAF aircraft that has entered service since World War II.

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