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Witty Wings Sky Guardians 1/72 Scale Diecast Model Aircraft

Awesome Collectables proudly offer a range of Witty Wings Sky Guardians 1/72nd scale diecast aircraft, covering the period from World War II through to the modern era. These superb models are mostly metal, with some plastic parts, exhibiting very fine detail and finished in high quality colour schemes and tampo markings that won’t fade or crack. Features also include rotating propellers and wheels, moving parts on many jet aircraft (such as canopies, swing-wings, and control surfaces), detailed landing gear, and all models include crew.

The World War II models come with a plastic stand that allows the aircraft to be displayed as "in-flight". Some of the modern jet models come with a metal stand for "in-flight" display (metal stands can be purchased separately for those jets that do not include one with the model).

Each model represents an authentic operational aircraft, complete with personal crew markings. Sizes range from 127mm x 152mm (5''x6") to 260mm x 273mm (10.25"x10.75").

Witty Wings Sky Guardians are brilliant value and many of the original release models are now out of production and becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of. See our Galleries pages for photos of actual models.

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Posted: Wed 01 Dec 2010


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